Caroline Campbell (Loitering Theatre)

The Merkel Machine is an experiment in queer and feminist D.I.Y. robotics. It celebrates the simple gesture of the eye-roll as a powerful tool that can be used by both the disempowered and the plain pissed-off to disrupt the mainstream narrative. The Merkel Machine scrapes online media and reacts to annoying patriarchal a**holes' commentary and feeds. It was originally intended to scrape the feed of the now Twitter departed Donald J Trump, but there's no shortage of other suitable contenders. The Merkel Machine features a new improved version of Chancellor Angela Merkel's original operating system. Angela's algorithms have now been tweaked by Loitering Theatre to support kindness and compassion. This has led to increased vertical-axis eye rotation in response to terms such as fiscal rectitude, privation, and meritocracy.

The Merkel Machine

Mixed Media

Loitering Theatre works across video, text, mixed message, false flags, meme magic, artificial intellect, viral interference and future archaeology of time. Loitering Theatre seeks to make the intangible of networks manifest. Their work often engages with the hidden structures and abstractions of accelerated networked capitalism and the futurisms of the military-industrial complex. Loitering Theatre uses varied techniques to decode and oppose current systems of consensus reality – projects have mobilised the affective power of the culture industry’s expanded Hollywood blockbuster, or created radical synapses between future-present sci-fi technologies and lost systems of ancient ritual power. Along the way, time is stretched and bent and technology no longer develops along its linear path. Loitering Theatre’s work has received mention in the New York Times, Vice Magazine, Rolling Stone, Wired Magazine and featured widely across Irish media on and offline and been the subject of censorship by the Irish police.

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