PCB copy board, why is it controversial

PCB copy board, why is it controversial

2018-04-13 10:29:54

      Since the advent of PCB copy board, it has been very much controversial. No matter in which country, this industry is also controversial. Even in the law, it is also controversial. Why is it so controversial as a copying board for reverse research technology? What are the reasons for the controversy? Now let's find out together.ogy? What are the reasons for the controversy? Now let's find out together.

     The first aspect: circuit board copy board technology

     If you want to give the circuit board copy board the next definition, there may be many definitions. This kind of copy board, generally in the industry, has been dubbed either as an electrical board copy or an electrical board clone. As long as people hear such words as copying or cloning, people will invariably think of infringement. Indeed, the main advantage of copying boards is the use of reverse technology to replicate the boards. Therefore, many people simply start with the above definition, and they are very dissatisfied with this industry. They think this is an act of infringement.

     The second aspect: the area covered by circuit board copying board

     Now because of the development of the copy board industry, even some companies have emerged, and they are also copying PCBs. So in many fields, this copy board is also widely used. Its existence allows many countries to easily understand the technologies of some products produced in other countries. Therefore, the emergence of such technology has been welcomed by some countries, but also by some countries controversial.

     The third aspect: legal disputes

     As we all know, in law, if there is an infringement, then it is illegal. However, in the laws of various countries in the world, such acts of copying are not listed in the scope of infringement. Because this technology has brought about the development of many industries and countries, such behavior cannot be prohibited.

     It is precisely because of this that there are many controversies for the copy board. Whether it is from real life or the laws of the country, such a reverse research technique has always been in controversy. But there is no doubt that although such reverse technology has begun to be controversial. However, it has been continuously developing and has begun to receive the attention of many people. It has also received the favor and attention of many companies.

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