PCB copy board and chip decryption concept

PCB copy board and chip decryption concept

2018-04-13 10:21:01

     CB copy board is also often referred to as circuit board copy board, PCB clone, or PCB reverse design. It is based on the premise that there is a physical object, reverse analysis of the circuit board using reverse research and development techniques, the original product PCB file, BOM The list, schematic files, etc. are restored 1:1, and then the process of full replication of these technical files is used. The chip decryption means that the single chip microcomputer attacker uses a special device or a self-made device to exploit the vulnerabilities or software defects of the SCM chip design, and extracts key information from the chip through a variety of technical means to obtain the SCM internal program. At present, the domestic authoritative copying company, Federal Science and Technology, has both of these technologies. Together with the sophisticated PCB copying technology, it can provide crucial missing information and technical support for domestic equipment.


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