2013 CPCA spring PCB special material development forum convened
2018-04-13 10:30:33

The “2013 CPCA Spring PCB Special Material Development Forum” sponsored by the China Printed Circuit Industry Association (CPCA) and organized by the Special Materials Branch of the China Printed Circuit Industry Association was held on May 11 at the Shen

PCB copy board, why is it controversial
2018-04-13 10:29:54

Since the advent of PCB copy board, it has been very much controversial. No matter in which country, this industry is also controversial. Even in the law, it is also controversial. Why is it so controversial as a copying board for reverse research t

How to avoid high frequency interference?
2018-04-13 10:29:00

? ? ?Signal integrity is basically a problem of impedance matching. The factors affecting the impedance matching include the signal source's architecture and output impedance, the characteristic impedance of the trace, the characteristi

China's PCB board technology is continuously developing and innovating
2018-04-13 10:28:19

PCB board as a substrate for electronic products plays a decisive role, with the continuous improvement of China's economy, the rapid development of electronic products, which also directly promote the development of China's circuit board industry. Th

Common problems in high-speed PCB design and their solutions
2018-04-13 10:27:09

With the increasing frequency of device operation, signal integrity issues faced by high-speed PCB designs have become a bottleneck in traditional designs, and engineers are faced with increasing challenges in designing complete solutions. Although relate

Why do you want to lay copper?
2018-04-13 10:26:23

Meizhou Hongzhan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. thinks that there are several reasons for laying copper in general:
1, EMC. For a large area of ground or power supply copper, will play a shielding role, some special, such as PGND play a protective r

DFM should not be limited to chips, PCB needs it more!
2018-04-13 10:23:10

Despite the many disputes surrounding the value, definition, variability, and technology of DFM, all problems are based on chips. Of course, chip DFM is a key requirement when we start thinking about 45- and 32-nanometer designs. However, the focus on

PCB copy board and chip decryption concept
2018-04-13 10:21:01

CB copy board is also often referred to as circuit board copy board, PCB clone, or PCB reverse design. It is based on the premise that there is a physical object, reverse analysis of the circuit board using reverse research and development techniques

IPC Chinese version of the
2018-04-13 10:19:23

IPC China, Shanghai, October 10, 2012 - IPC - International Electronics Industry Association? Released Chinese version of IPC/JEDEC-9704 Printed Circuit Assembly Strain Gage Test Guideline (Revised Edition) A). When the joint between the printed circu

Knowledge: Printed Circuit Board Design Principles and Anti-interference Measure
2018-04-13 10:18:30

The center hole of the pad is slightly larger than the diameter of the device lead. The pad is too large to form a false weld. The pad outer diameter D is generally not less than (d+1.2) mm, where d is the lead aperture. For high density digital circuits,

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